Mentorship Programme

Ever considered starting your own business but need some support? the Youngtrepreneurs Mentorship programme could be for you. You will receive support in working through your business idea and an industry mentor, as well as £150 to get you started.


  1. The programme is for those interested in starting up their own business or becoming self-employed

  2. The programme is for those not in education, employment or training and aged bewteen 16-24

  3. They will be assigned an industry professional to provide mentoring

  4. They will receive £150 to cover start up costs

  5. The applicant may have a business idea that they have already done some research on and are ready for the next step

  6. The applicant may have a hobby or a skill that could be turned into a business or self-employment

Frequently asked questions

How can apply for the mentorship programme?
Complete your details on the mentorship page

Who is eligible?
You must be aged between 16-24
Not be in education, employment or training
Be resident in the UK

Do I need to have a business plan?
No however, you must have a business idea that you have thought about or drafted

Is there a closing date?
No: The mentorship programme is ongoing

What do I have to spend the £150 on?
Anything that you need to purchase to start your business

I would like to be on this programme but I am older than 24, what should I do?
Unfortunately, this is a government funded programme and therefore has age restrictions. We do offer the mentorship programme to anyone over the upper aged limit at a commercial cost of £250

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