For the sake of better understanding the principles of Entrepreneurship, as well as enhancing the abilities and traits of aspiring youngtrepreneurs, we have created a set of tools which you can use for free.

All four tools were designed taking into consideration the expectations, needs, and demands of pensive and inquisitive individuals who are looking for a form of practical aid in their quest to optimize their potential in the world of business.

These exclusively obtainable implements are the result of months of research, resulting in the accumulation of a great amount of invaluable knowledge coming from the top minds of market experts, and highly successful entrepreneurs with many years of experience in the field.

Each tool is guaranteed to deliver best results in minimum time, together with being an indispensable companion for years to come, helping you and your business to flourish.


The Business Idea Generator

This tool provides a remarkable depiction of what we like to call “Our hidden Personal Assets”, the tool helps you identify these assets (Vocational, Mental, etc.) which can be package, monetized and turn into an income generating enterprise. An equally brilliant matrix connects your preferences (the things you love to do) with potential enterprises , deriving from the first medium, After all, there’s nothing better than running  business doing something that you love to do!

The Business Idea Evaluator

This is an excellent supplement to the process of evaluating your business ideas and weighing which concept(s) have the best chances for succeeding. Based on 10 selectively listed criteria, and following a simple guided evaluation process, it is certain that you will immeasurably benefit from this tool towards making decisions of what business idea to pursue if you have multiple business ideas your are considering.

The Business Idea Validator

This consists of a number of multiple choice questions concerning the four pillars which make up a good business idea (Product solution, Market segmentation , Market (service) domain, and Distribution).  The tool is designed to help you assess the strength and weaknesses of your business idea with a view that you can use it to create an action plan to address gaps that may cause your idea not to take off. Each set of questions is introduced with a brief, but thoroughly concise, explanation of the concept, as well as detailed instructions as to how the questions should be handled.

Your answers are then marked, and the results are electronically sent to you, complete with graphic presentation and comments. A detailed key is also available with individual comments and suggestions regarding each given answer.

The value, importance, and significance of this well designed  tool cannot be stressed too high. Perhaps it is enough to point out that you are putting too much at risk of proceeding with your business idea without such a weapon in your arsenal.

The  Skills Set Self-Assessment

This tool deals with you, the Product /Solution  provider, the founder of the idea and there is where its uniqueness lies. At the start up stage most ideas will raise or fail due to the skill set of the founder of the idea. This tool helps you carry out a self assessment on your entrepreneurial skill set which you can use to; create a personal development plan to improve in areas of weakness or form the decision making process of how you will deal with the skills gaps basis. The tool  brilliantly focuses on the very heart of the problem most youngtrepreneurs face, namely the enhancement of their business performance skills. Selected for their fundamental importance, 8 skills are assessed by answering a set of multiple choice questions, each carrying their own level of gravity. Similarly to the Validator, your questionnaire results are sent to you electronically, fully commented and displayed in graphics. A set or relevant write-ups to help you in your effort is optionally available.

With their high quality, precision and credibility, the incredible Youngtrepreneurs tools are an option you simply can’t ignore!