Winner of the 2017 Start- Up Business Challenge

Name of Business : Ruji London Name : Shanita Aktar Ruji London aims to deliver the most timeless pieces, whilst outliving short-sighted trends. Since winning the competition in June 2017, Shanita has made a great startby [...]

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How To Fund Your Business Idea

Starting a business can be a daunting and often difficult on a small advertising/marketing budget and a lack of contacts to get things off the ground. Therefore business start up competitions such as Youngtrepreneurs’s start [...]

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From Idea 2 Income

From Idea 2 Income. Michael Kosmas The Satnav for Youngtrepreneurs

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Business Competition

THE START-UP CHALLENGE is a business competition for aspiring entrepreneurs aged 16–30 years old

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6 Reasons to Start a Business Before the Age of 25

6 Reasons to Start a Business Before the Age of 25  Michael Kosmas for Business Advice Millennials are distinguishing themselves from previous generations in many ways, and their work ethic and preferences are emerging as [...]

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Michael Kosmas on Passion & Business Ideas

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