The Youngtrepreneurs Start-Up Challenge Roadshow offers colleges and universities an exciting opportunity to host one of our roadshow events on campus as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week (November 14–20 2016).

Our roadshow event this year features an exclusive screening of the forthcoming docu-series Youngtrepreneurs, a documentary that follows the lives of six young entrepreneurs, a business pitch competition, talks from some of the UK’s leading young entrepreneurs, networking opportunities and much more.

This is an exciting opportunity to inspire your campus and region to engage in entrepreneurial activity, while connecting people to potential collaborators, mentors and even investors.

Youngtrepreneurs: Docu-series

Youngtrepreneurs delves into the exciting worlds of six young business owners in Britain. They are from diverse backgrounds and work in diverse industries, including dance, cooking, stock trading, fashion styling, e-commerce and snowboarding. In a perfect blend of entertainment and education, the show captures the fun and lively aspects of these individuals and poses the question on everybody’s mind: what does it take to be young and successful?

The Start-Up Challenge Business Pitch Competition

As part of the event we will have a business competition segment for aspiring entrepreneurs aged 16–30 years old. Through an application process prior to the event, young entrepreneurs will submit a video pitch of an enterprise idea they can start with £1,000 plus their proposed returns on that investment within a six week period. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to The Pitch, a Dragons’ Den style pitch in front of a live audience on the day of the event.

A panel of judges will vote on the best business idea pitch and the entrepreneur(s) with the best idea from each campus will be invited to go through to the Youngtrepreneurs Boot Camp, where they will meet the other finalists and be taught by leading entrepreneurs on business start-up.

At the end of the boot camp each participant will be given £1,000 and matched with a mentor who will provide support over the six weeks in which they will implement their £1,000 business idea and aim to generate the biggest return on investment.

After six weeks the finalist with the highest return on investment will walk away with a £10,000 start-up fund prize.

Start-Up Challenge – Stages

Pre-event stage

Application process through video submissions in response to the brief, and shortlisting (September 1st – October 12th 2016).

Start-Up Challenge Event – The Pitch

Shortlisted candidates invited to Dragons’ Den style pitch during the events, 10 finalists for next stage (Global Entrepreneurship week November 7th – 25th 2016).

Youngtrepreneur Boot Camp

Taught by leading entrepreneur on business start-up; attendees will meet other finalists and be allocated a mentor, plus awarded £1,000 to start their enterprise challenge (January 2017).

The Start-Up Challenge Business Launch

Six week start-up challenge; the finalist with the highest return on investment wins (February – March 2017).

Winner of Youngtrepreneur

Start-Up Challenge (April 2016) – £10,000 start-up investment.

Hosting Partnerships

In 2015 the UK was more entrepreneurial than ever, and statistics suggest we are seeing a sustained cultural shift towards entrepreneurialism.

Hosting a Youngtrepreneurs Start-Up Challenge Roadshow event in support of Global Entrepreneurship Week is a fantastic opportunity to raise the profile of enterprise both on campus and in the region. As well as great publicity for the young entrepreneurs, there’s great publicity for the college or university, and the potential to forge links with business, and access funding.


• Inspire your campus and region to engage in entrepreneurial activity
• Opportunity to raise the profile of your campus through local and national media
• Connect your campus community to potential collaborators, mentors, investors and sources of funding
• Have some of the country’s leading young entrepreneurs visit your campus
• Be part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week in a dynamic way


• Capacity to host event (this includes a venue with a minimum capacity of 100, technical spec, support staff to deliver the event)
• Ability to market the event on campus and
• Able to host an event between 7 – 25 of November (dates are subject to availability)
• Hosting fee: £3,000 plus VAT

Through partnership, we hope together we can engage a community of young entrepreneurs who can use this event as a source of learning, inspiration, enlightenment and sharing.

To register your interest, request an expression of interest form from