About Us

“Youngtrepreneurs” is a brand that aims to inspire young people to engage and excel in entrepreneurship while connecting them to potential collaborators, mentors and sources of funding. We do this through producing groundbreaking media content, events, and publications, while engaging mentors and fostering a network of young entrepreneurs.

CEO Michael Kosmas understands firsthand what it means to be a youngtrepreneur , as his journey into entrepreneurship began whilst at college selling art and clothing. He understands many of the obstacles and hurdles there are to taking an idea and developing it into an income generating business. His book, From Idea 2 Income highlights the stages that an entrepreneur will encounter, when moving from a concept to a financially viable business or enterprise.

We have a network of business mentors who are able to provide invaluable information and guidance on specific areas of setting up and running a business. We believe that the mentors are essential to developing as a youngtrepreneur, as they have established pathways to developing a business.