We meet a man who found out growth doesn’t necessarily equal long-term success

This week we’re looking at the struggle of getting a fledgling business off the ground and what happens when you quit your job to run a start-up, only to discover the only way isn’t up.

In fact – cliché alert – entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster, often with as many downs as ups.

Robyn speaks to Sandip Sekhon – a serial entrepreneur who found out the hard way that no matter how hard you work, the rug can be pulled from under your feet at any time and not just once.

Sandip owns two successful businesses, marketplace BuyandSellHair.com and crowdfunding platform GoGetFunding, with a combined turnover of £350,000, and he has another business about to launch. But it hasn’t been an easy ride.

Find out:

  • How to avoid having a rocky road in the first few years
  • Why, once you’ve got a taste of success, the only way isn’t up
  • Why wasting a year and a half on a business you never launch isn’t as bad as you think