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“If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.” – Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Contemplating on their future, thoughts and ideas are swarming in young people’s heads all the time, and even in their sleep. Trying to discover the way that our mind works, scientists have long established that our dreams are a reflection of our wishes and fears. They have now come up with a clear pattern of how our conscious and subconscious mind generates thoughts and outsources ideas from all stimuli that meet our senses.

Deriving from observation of the contemporary human environment, our thoughts and ideas are giving us the incentive to process and form notions on what we need, desire, and are able to do to improve our lives, as well as set the goals/ objectives we wish to accomplish, pursuing observable as well as measurable end results, achievable within a more or less specified timeframe.

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With only few exceptions, making a profit is why we do business. Entrepreneurs are rewarded for and benefit from their ideas, so long as they come up with something people feel they cannot do without.

Your idea for a new product may seem attractive to you, but before you make it your business to make it available, you first need to make it your business to evaluate with the highest proximity how your brainchild will do in the market.

Connecting an idea to a business concept is only possible through testing your idea and researching the market. However daunting, time consuming or posh you expect this procedure to be, it is nevertheless crucial to the success of your venture. Besides, most of the work can be done online and, most importantly, you can get a clear perspective directly connecting with both seasoned and acknowledged business people, and potential customers. 

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Staring your business venture, there’s really no way going around without a sound, thoroughly researched, and carefully developed business plan, However intimidating and pointless it may seem to a novice entrepreneur, a business plan is not only essential to the survival and development of your business, but also an indispensable element in your pursuit of financial resources. Your business plan is not only your navigator through the treacherous paths of business, but at the same time it constitutes your elevator pitch, as well as the means to sell your idea to potential funders.

In the case of small businesses, the owner-manager is the one responsible to conduct a simple, yet precise, concise yet detailed, and ambitious, yet realistic business plan that works,. What’s more, it is you, the aspiring young entrepreneur who will be responsible to decisively implement and effectively monitor its progress. Even if you feel a bit out of it, you nevertheless need to find the energy, stamina, and drive to see it through its course, and make it a success.

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Raising healthy funds for your small business is probably the first and harshest hurdle that you as a Youngtrepreneur may have to face. Starting small is not only a good idea, but effectively your only option, as money doesn’t come easy when you most need. Still, there are quite a few financing options, especially for small businesses, so calculate your start up and running costs and decide on the best way to raise finance and fund your small business.

This section covers some key points around financing a startup. We will cover the basics of startup cost establishment, explain how to raise initial basic funds, and how to manage financing at start up and regulate cash flow during the initial period of operation.

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“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity”– Albert Einstein

During the past century, Technology has radically changed our world, providing solutions that even a wild visionary’s mind could not conceive. But as this phenomenon became increasingly prominent not only in every field of science and human knowledge, but also in all aspects of our everyday lives, we get the feeling that technology is becoming more of an unwelcomed invader rather than a comforting presence that leads to progress and prosperity.

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